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 Dictionary connection overview: The things can titillating mean? 

  This adjective TITILLATING contains 3 senses:

1.pleasantly and even superficially exciting

2.giving intimate pleasure; sexually arousing

3.exciting simply by kissing carefully thus while to make sure you produce wit or perhaps twitching movements

  Familiarity information: TITILLATING applied as a good adjective can be uncommon.

 Dictionary access details 


Sense 1


Pleasantly and even superficially exciting


exciting (creating or arousing excitement)

Sense 2


Giving sex pleasure; sexually arousing


erotic; titillating


sexy (marked by means of or maybe tending to help excite lovemaking motivation or maybe interest)

Sense 3


Exciting as a result of in contact delicately for that reason like towards reason laughter as well as twitching movements


tickling; tingling; titillating


exciting (creating or stimulating excitement)

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"When typically the pet cat is usually possibly not property, typically the these animals show up at any table." (Dutch proverb)

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