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Wikipedia (i/ˌwɪkɨˈpiːdiə/ or i/ˌwɪkiˈpiːdiə/ wik-i-pee-dee-ə) is a collaboratively edited,  multilingual,  free Internet encyclopedia that is maintained the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.  Volunteers worldwide collaboratively compose Wikipedia's 30 million content articles in 287 languages, including over 4. four million in the English Wikipedia. Anyone who can get the site can edit virtually any of the articles, which on the Internet comprise[4] the largest and most popular general reference work.[5][6][7][8][9] On March 9, 2014,  The Nyc Times reported that Wikipedia is usually ranked 5th globally among all websites saying, " With 18 billion dollars page landscapes and practically 500 mil unique tourists a month, according to the ratings company comScore, Wikipedia trails only Yahoo, Facebook . com, Microsoft and Google, the largest with 1 ) 2 billion dollars unique visitors. "[10] Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched Wikipedia upon January 15, 2001, the latter[11] creating its name,[12] a portmanteau of wiki (the brand of a form of collaborative web page, from the Hawaiian word for " quick" )[13] and encyclopedia. Wikipedia's leaving from the expert-driven style of encyclopedia-building and the presence of much unacademic content have received extensive interest in print multimedia. In 2006,  Time magazine recognized Wikipedia's participation inside the rapid growth of online effort and connection by millions of people around the world, furthermore to YouTube,  reddit,  MySpace, and Facebook.[14] Wikipedia has also turn into known as a information source as a result of rapid bring up to date of articles or blog posts related to breaking news.[15][16][17] While Wikipedia has received its fair share of good press,[18] it has also gotten its great number of awful as well. The open character of Wikipedia has triggered concerns regarding its publishing,[19][20] the amount of vandalism,[21][22] and the accuracy details. Some articles contain unverified or inconsistent information,[23] though a 2005 exploration in Nature showed the 42 research articles that they compared came up close to the level of accuracy ofEncyclopædia Britannica.[24] Items


1 Nature

1 . 1 Editing

1 . 2 Organization of document pages

1 ) 3 Vandalism

1 . 4 Rules and laws regulating content and editor behavior

1 . 5 Privacy

1 . 6 Community

1 . 7 Language editions

2 History

3 Analysis of content

three or more. 1 Accuracy of content

a few. 2 Quality of writing

a few. 3 Coverage of topics and systemic prejudice

3. 4 Citing Wikipedia

three or more. 5 Explicit content material

4 Operation

four. 1 Wikimedia Basis and the Wikimedia chapters

4. 2 Software businesses and support

4. 3 Internal quality control and analysis of importance

4. 4 Hardware operations and support

4. 5 Internal research and operational development

5 Access to content

5. 1 Content certification

5. 2 Methods of get

6 Impact

6. 1 Sister tasks – Wikimedia

6. 2 Impact on publishing

6. 3 Cultural significance

6th. 4 Scientific make use of

7 Related assignments

8 See also

9 References

being unfaithful. 1 Notes

9. 2 Further examining

10 External backlinks



As the favorite joke goes, 'The problem with Wikipedia is that it will only work in practice. In theory, it can never work. ' ”

—Miikka Ryökäs[25]


Unlike traditional encyclopedias, Wikipedia allows outdoors editing: besides in especially sensitive and/or vandalism-prone webpages that are " protected" to some degree,[26] even without an account readers may edit textual content without agreement. Different language editions change this policy to some extent; for example , only registered users may make a new article in the British edition.[27] No content is considered to be owned or operated by its creator or any other manager, nor is that vetted simply by any acknowledged authority. Rather, editors are supposed to agree on the information and structure of content by consensus.[28] By default, an edit to an document immediately becomes available. Articles as a result may include inaccuracies, ideological biases, or perhaps patent nonsense until or perhaps unless one more editor modifies them....

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